Dance enthusiast, product lover, design geek, occasional health buff mikareyes.com
San Francisco, CA, USA
I love snacking on almonds, reading or writing, exploring new forms of dance, boxing for exercise & trying new food(when on my cheat day hehe)! Fun fact #1: I hate fries. Lucky you - you get to eat all the fries on my plate! ;) Fun fact #2: I am currently addicted to all types of passes. Movie all day? MoviePass is my bff. Gym date? ClassPass all the way. Fun fact #3: I've read 1 book for every week of 2018. Keepin' the streak alive! I love meeting new interesting others, I'm super down for trying things out and can be a little random sometimes. Let's hang?!?!?!
I'm Filipino, born and raised. At 18, I booted myself all the way to the east coast & studied economics, psychology and data, but fell in love with the tech world, initially by way of design. Now I'm a huge product nerd!
Looking for
Deep relationships (whether friendship or romantic), ambitious men (if you're a woman but want to be friends, so down for that!), good-- no-- great conversations, someone willing to try new things like dance or exercise classes or extreme-tasting food, movie buds, gym buds, dance buds, karaoke buds, random hey-lets-hangout-and-do-whatever-in-the-city buds
Not looking for
One-time hookups, pretentious assholes