Aspiring yogi, amateur photographer, professional geek. San Francisco
San Francisco, CA, USA
"Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out after it." This quote has always inspired me - and I think to some extent describes how I do just about everything. I enjoy the journey, but always push for the destination. When I am not being a professional geek at MemSQL, I try to invest my time into my current goals: - Planning my next travel adventure - Practicing Yoga - Taking or editing photos - Dreaming up and building side projects - Reading - Expanding my (real life) social network - Eating good food
According to Wikipedia, some may call me an "adult third culture kid" (or ATCK if you want to sound cool at parties). Between the age of 0 and ~11 I lived in three different countries, and moved 5 times. To top that off, my families primary choice of "what to spend our money on" was travelling to other countries. That preference hasn't changed. All in all, I have traveled to 29 countries in my 28 years of existence. Other than that I have gone on some long-distance adventures, spent a crazy amount of time doing things I love, and have one of the best families anyone could ask for. No complaints over here.
Looking for
...someone who shares my passion for adventure, pursues their goals, is constantly learning, teaches others, and is an amazing friend. Honestly, looking for a best friend who happens to also be my partner.